The Topcap of Mystery Bicycle Headset Cap

We play around with different ideas, designs, sayings all the time. Some make it into production and some don't.

Over the years we have built up quite a collection and we figure the time is right to let them go for the amazing price of $5.99 each!

You can't request a particular color or design...we will choose your Topcap of Great Mystery randomly. But we do promise it won't be specific to a particular person (like "Bob's Bike"), it won't have swear words on it, etc.

Sorry, no returns on these but if you don’t love it you can always gift it to a cycling friend. A "Random Cap of Kindness" if you will ;)

Please Note: The Topcap of Great Mystery (and Satisfaction) fits 1 1/8" steerer tubes. This is the most common size on modern bicycles.