Presta Valve Stem Collars (pair)

All of our accessory parts are made of 7075 aluminum. Our headset and BEP bolts are M6 x 30mm in size and weigh 3 grams each. Our water bottle cage, rack and accessory bolts are M5 x 15 mm in size and weigh 1 gram each.  Our Presta valve caps and the matching collars weight approximately 1 gram per pair. Our Schrader valve caps are chunky little monkeys and weigh 4 grams per pair. Please check our color chart for the most accurate anodized color representation.

IMPORTANT: Do not use aluminum bolts in any areas of stress: brake mounts, rotors, stem clamps, etc. Aluminum is a soft material, so use common sense (or better yet a torque wrench) when tightening any aluminum bolt.

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