Cycling Skull Bar End Plugs

KustomCaps bar end plugs (BEPS) are designed to expand to fit the inner diameter of most bicycle handlebars. We offer two sizes…road and MTB. The outer discs on the road beps measure .98” (25mm) and the MTB discs measure 1.25” (32mm) in diameter. The internal expansion plugs are the same size for both. They start at 16.2mm in diameter, but can expand up to 24.4mm when tightened. As the names suggest, our road BEPS work well with drop bars and our MTB BEPS are better for straight bars with grips. There are some instances where you might want to use road BEPS with certain MTB grips. We can help out if you have fitment questions. A set of road BEPS weigh 32 grams and a set of MTB BEPS weigh 36 grams. Please check our color chart for the most accurate anodized color representation.

Any other questions? Hit us up here for more info.