Commemorate that special place, trip or trail with our Coordinates Cap. If you need help, usea site like this (or Google Maps) to find your coordinates and enter them in the form field below.

You may enter GPS coordinates: 39° 33' 37" N 120° 49' 41" W
Lat/Long coordinates: 39.5603
° N 120.8280° W

You can also add an optional second line of text, or keep it a mystery.

KustomCaps headset caps are designed to fit 1 1/8" headsets and measure 1 1/4" (32mm) in diameter. This is the most common size on modern bicycles. Our traditional domed caps weigh 9 grams and flat caps weigh 5 grams. They are both made of 6061 aluminum. Our headset bolts are made of 7075 aluminum are M6 x 30mm in size and weigh 3 grams. Please check our color chart for the most accurate anodized color representation.

Any questions about other sizes? Hit us up here for more info.