Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs this joint and where are you located?
The founder, owner and chief laser jockey at KustomCaps is Dan Shust. We are located in the cycling Mecca of Cleveland, Ohio. Okay...maybe not a Mecca, but we have Rays MTB, the Cuyahoga National Forest and all kinds of sweet spots.

How do I know you are legit?
Check out our Facebook page and Instagram feed. Ask around. We are proud to work with some of the best brands, shops and events in the industry including Rapha, IMBA, Salsa Bikes, Mellow Johnny's, GodAndFamous, Golden Saddle Cyclery and The Radavist.

How long does it take to get my caps?
We almost always ship your order out in less than 1 week. From there, shipping time various based on a variety of conditions including distance, customs clearance, time of year, etc.

How do you make these things?
We laser engrave your artwork into anodized headset caps. This results in a permanent finish that is more durable than printing.

What are your caps made of? How much do they weigh?
Our caps are CNC machined from 6061 Aluminum and weigh 9 grams each. Our bolts are made from 7075 Aluminum and weigh 2 grams each. There you go Weight Weenies.

Dan, will kustomcaps make me a faster (better, handsomer, prettier, more daring) rider?

What do I need to do to make a Fully Kustom cap? Will you design a cap for me?
If you want to create a Fully Kustom cap, you need to first download one of our templates and follow the instructions. Sometimes we have time to help out if you need a hand.

I own a bike shop, run a bike club, host a charity ride. Do you have discount pricing if I buy a lot of caps?
Yes we do, please send us an email for more information.

Do you ship worldwide? Do I have to pay duties and taxes when the caps get to my country?
Yes, we ship all over the world. We typically ship by USPS First Class International as it is the most cost effective, but other shipping options are available. We collect VAT for all EU countries and the UK. We DO NOT collect VAT or any other customs fees for other countries outside of the US. Please check the customs/importing rules for your particular country for more information.

What if I don't like what I bought when I get it?
Send it back for refund. No problem.

Where can I see more examples of cool KustomCaps? The best place to check out what we are currently up to is our Instagram feed

Can you make me a KustomCap with "insert big brand's logo here" on it?
As long as you own the rights to the logo/art or have permission from the owner, sure! (Many of our customers have reached out to a variety of companies to get permission with good results!)

Hey..I saw a cool headset cap on Instagram...
Can you make the same one for me? Probably, but it depends. The artwork might be the property of someone else. Show us what you found and we will let you know. 

I'm an artist and would love to design some caps. Will you sell them and give me royalties? We are really interested in starting up an artist series. Please get in touch.

I only have one bike...once I buy one KustomCap I'm all done right? Well, first of all you don't have enough bikes. But even if you only have can change your cap out for different events, riding seasons, etc. Live a little.

Do KustomCaps make good gifts?
Humbly...we think that for the money, KustomCaps are one of the best gifts you can give a cyclist. Totally personal for not a lot of dough? Win. Win. And...if you don't know what to get them. We have gift cards

I'm thinking about proposing to my fiancé using a KustomCap. Will it work?
I'm proud to say we are 3 for 3 with regards to marriage proposals via KustomCaps. So..,go for it!

Dan, are you a cyclist? What do you ride?
Absolutely. I ride road, mtb, dirt jump. My boys are avid mountain bikers and bmxers. My wife rides as well. My current quiver includes a Salsa Spearfish XX1, a BMC Race Machine, a Surly Krampus, a Surly Cross Check, and a Surly Straggler (I have a Surly problem.) Trying to decide what bike N+1 will be.

What's next for kustomcaps? We have a bunch of new products up our sleeves. Look for some cool stuff soon!