Custom Laser-etched Headset Caps

All Work and No Play
All Work and No Play $9.99
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Fully Kustom Bicycle Headset Cap
Fully Kustom $15.99
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Headset Cap Bolts
Headset Cap Bolts $3.75
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IkonCaps $14.99
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Pain Bicycle Headset Cap
Pain $7.99
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Rule #5 HTFU!
Rule #5 HTFU! $9.99
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Shut Up Legs Bicycle Headset Cap
Shut Up Legs $7.99
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Shutter Cap
Shutter Cap $9.99
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Snowflake Cap
Snowflake Cap $9.99
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Sugar Skull w/ Bolt
Sugar Skull w/ Bolt $15.99
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The Over/Under
The Over/Under $13.99
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Your Message Here Bicycle Headset Cap
Your Message Here $12.99
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Okay, here is the deal, KustomCaps makes custom laser-etched headset caps in a variety of sweet anodized colors. 

You can buy one of our stock caps or select the "Your Message Here" or  “Fully Kustom” caps to make things even more personal. KustomCaps are the perfect finishing touch for your ride. Additionally, large orders are no problem, we can help you out with a small batch for your Wednesday night club ride or a thousand for your charity ride, bike store or other promo use.

KustomCaps fit 1 1/8" steerer tubes. This is the most common size on modern bicycles. We currently do not have caps to fit the older 1" steerer tubes and newer 1 1/2" tubes found on some downhill specific mountain bikes. We'll hopefully have stuff for you crazy people soon. Have any questions or comments? Check out our FAQs and if that doesn't satisfy you, please send us an email. And us on Facebook and check us out on Instagram.